#YES Easter Competitions


This Easter we wanted to keep children and young people of all ages engaged during lockdown. So, we held competitions for youngsters of Wolverhampton to take part in! Here are the winners and runners up!


Age 5 and under Competition


Gerard Byrne



6 – 9 years Competition


Guransh Singh Saggu


age 10 – 12 years Competition


Laura Pszczolowska


Social Distancing Competition


Elliott Bonnette

Rap - Corona Rap

We go to the shop

To buy a lollipop

Oh wait we can not


People wear a mask

When there drinking out there flask


O my

Why cant anyone find a cure

This will definitely go for sure


I wont see my friends in ages

Mom and dad cant work for wages


This is terrible about social distance

All the elderly need lots of assistance


Because of this corona

We can't go on holiday to Barcelona

Or even arizona


Even though we can't go to school

I do rate it a bit cool


When we are over lockdown

We won't have a frown

We will be partying wearing a crown.

Social Distancing Competition

Runner Up

Rayana Itakhunov

Poem - Stuck in quarantine

We’re stuck in quarantine

Not allowed to go outside

When will it be over ?

That’s for Boris Johnson to decide


The virus came out of nowhere

And we didn’t have a plan

We follow these important rules

Like: don’t touch your face , wash your hands


Ever since the virus came

There’s been massive queues for the shops

You wait in line for ages

To get a good food stock


Wearing masks won’t help

Apparently paracetamol doesn’t work

We’re stuck in quarantine

The virus is getting worse


Reduce close contact

It’s called social distancing

Because if you meet up with someone

The virus can get in


It’s called the Coronavirus

They’re trying to find a vaccine

But until that can happen

We’re stuck in quarantine

Social Distancing Competition

Runner Up

Harleen Nahal

Poem - You, COVID and I

COVID-19 is a new disease,

That has unfortunately recently seized.

It is caused by the coronavirus,

And could be carried by any one of us.

It is a pandemic meaning it has spread all over earth,

All because not everyone puts basic hygiene first.

If your case is mild, you might not even know,

But the virus remains in the atmosphere around you though.

If more severe, there are some symptoms similar to the flu,

And there are several actions you can do.

It’s not a big commitment but has a large effect,

All we have to do is be less direct.

Avoid those displaying symptoms of COVID-19,

A high temperature and a new or continuous cough may be seen.

When possible avoid public transport,

As it is method of spreading we should abort.

Where possible, work from home,

Because there’s no transmission when you’re alone.

Avoid all gatherings in public places,

As the disease spreads easily in closed spaces.

Don’t attend gatherings with friends or family,

Instead keep in touch with remote technology.

Use telephone or online services to speak to your GP,

Or any other essential service that you might need to see.

This is what we can do to help the NHS,

And make the coronavirus spread less.

Follow these instructions to let humanity thrive,

Because defeating COVID-19 is an errand we strive.

By doing this mankind can survive,

While saving more of the vulnerable’s lives.